SWIM WOD 02/06

Swim workout tomorrow, Wednesday, at 8:00PM in the Memorial Hall Pool

It will be strictly a swimming workout that will put your body, lungs and loins to the test.

You do not have to be a good swimmer, BUT YOU DO HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO SWIM.


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Taught by the best (in the USA) by USA Olympic Weightlifting Coach

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WOD Thursday 01/24 11am

Hey guys and gals,

Tomorrow we will be having a group WOD at 11AM.

Meet in the Wellness Center entrance at 11AM




When one set is completed, farmer carry to next station and so on…

Farmers Carry-You will have to carry the weight to each workout station

Toe 2 Bar-10,20,30,10

Box Jumps-10,20,30,10


Double Unders-50,100,150,50

If you have never come, it would be great to see you. For those who have not come, it is a small group that shows up at various levels.COME

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New Club layout:

There will be 2 group WODs a week.

When will the WODs be? Good question, they will vary until I see the optimum time for peoples schedules. I will post the workout a day in advance showing the time of the workout, make sure you know the movements.

If you don’t know the movements or you just want to work on improving form or a skill, email me and we will get together at a time before the group WOD so you can partake.

This will enable group workouts to be just that, everybody working out and doing the movements correct.

The first group WOD will be tomorrow, Monday, at 8:30PM
30 Squat Clean&Jerks For time (135lb/95lb)
Plank wars
Cool Down

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WOD 12/23

Horw all of your breaks are extra merry, here’s a little number to cancel out all that figgy pudding you’ve been eating.

A good kettlebell workout from Dan Bailey:

5 rounds:
20 kb swing (55lbs), 9 kb front squats, 6 kb push press

Finish up with 100 pushups for time

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WOD 12/6/2012

5 Rounds:


  • 5 Cleans
  • 10 Front Squats
  • 5 Push Jerk
  • 20 pull-ups

Rest 90 seconds between rounds

*Scale weight if needed

Once finished, cry for 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 3 rounds


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WOD 12/4/2012


5 Rounds:

10 Dumbbell bench press (60lb dumbbells)

12 weighted sit ups (85lb dumbbell)

1 Max height box jump (use soft boxes in gym)

10 squat box jumps (at the bottom position, complete 1 body weight squat per box jump)

1 Max height box jump

Record times and max height box jump

Nice little video on human flag progression

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Group WOD this Saturday

We will be having a Group WOD this Saturday morning 12/1/12 @ 11 AM sharp on the first floor of the IWC! I’ll meet everyone in the back by the kettlebells!

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